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The following is a contract between the broker, ROYAL AUTO TRANSPORT, Inc., as Broker and the Customer and The Carrier (subcontractor) . 

  • 1. Customer agrees to pay the price quoted for delivered vehicle(s), including all COD amounts and any additional charges initially agreed upon. Cod's must be paid in cash, cashier check or money order.
  • 2. No delivery time is guaranteed. All delivery dates and times are only estimates of normal deliveries, (delay may occur). ROYAL AUTO TRANSPORT, INC. shall use its best efforts to deliver the vehicle within estimated time, however because of weather, road conditions, mechanical problems, broke down could delay delivery beyond the estimated time. ROYAL AUTO TRANSPORT, INC. does not guarantee the date or time of pick up and/or delivery.
  • 3. The Customer shall prepare the vehicle for shipment including all non-permanent outside mounted luggage and other racks prior to shipment. No vehicle shall contain more than 1/4 tank of fuel to adhere to U.S. D.O.T. safety regulations.
  • 4. The customer is responsible for preparing the vehicle for transport. All loose parts, fragile or protruding accessories, low hanging spoilers, etc, must be removed and properly secured. Any part of the vehicle that falls off during transport is the customer's responsibility including damages caused by said part to any all other vehicles involved
  • 5. ROYAL AUTO TRANSPORT, INC. and CARRIER will not be responsible for any damage not resulting from transporter negligence
  • 6. . The transporter does not responsible for damage caused by freezing of engine, cooling system or batteries. . The transporter will not be responsible for any mechanical function damages to include engine, transmission, rear end, motor mounts, drive trains, wiring systems, cooling systems, window motors, radios, stereo, power steering, air bag, brake cable or brake system, clutch cable or clutch, engine tuning, vehicle computerize systems, alarm systems, any switch, alignment or suspension etc. (anything that is mechanical or electrical)
  • 7. Vehicle should be free of any personal or household items. Broker and carriers are not responsible for personal items left in vehicle, nor for damage caused to the vehicle from excessive or improper loading of personal items. The following items are not allowed to be in the vehicle at time of shipment: electronic equipment, valuables, plants, pets, alcohol, drugs, firearms, explosives, ammunition, flammables, jewelry, furs, money or contraband.
  • 8. All vehicles going to/from Hawaii/Alaska must be completely empty of all items inside the vehicle or trunk. Maximum of 1/4 tank of fuel is allowed, no cracked windshield, no broker seats, parking brake must work, vehicle must be clean for inspection. Maximum height allowed is 7 feet. If shipping from Hawaii you must have a current registration and title or a letter from your financing company stating that it's ok for the vehicle to be taken off the island. The navigation companies we use do reinforce those rules
  • 9. The vehicle will be covered by the Carriers' cargo insurance up to the vehicle's market value. Any claim for loss or damage must be noted and signed on the condition report at time of delivery. Signing the carrier's bill of lading at destination without notation of damages shall be evidence of satisfactory delivery of the vehicle. Any claim of damages caused by assigned Carrier must be made within 5 (five) days of delivery and must be reported to that designated Carrier.
  • 10. Customer has the option to cancel at any time prior to the vehicle being assigned to a transporter at no cost to the Customer. If the vehicle is assigned to a transporter before Customer cancels, Broker will charge Customer the amount of $50 (fifty).


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