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Auto transport Texas to California

Royal Auto Transport, Inc. can safely, professionally ship your car from Texas to California. The trip between Texas to California is usually completed within 3-10 days. If the transportation of your car takes more than three weeks (from anywhere nationwide, not just Texas to California), we will pay you $30 per day for car rental. Our team of vehicle haulers are licensed and bonded and have years of experience in the auto moving industry. When you are handing your car over to someone for days or weeks at a time, it is essential that you find a reliable company you can trust. Although many companies will claim that they are an auto moving company, it's important to make sure they are licensed and bonded, and that they hire professional movers and drivers.

As with all professional auto transport companies, we strive to pick up your car at a location as close to your home as possible in Texas or California. We are often able to pick up the car straight off your driveway; however, sometimes this simply is not possible. As with all car moving companies, our trucks are extremely tall and wide and are not allowed where there are overhanging trees, low underpasses, and delicate bridges. If this is the case with your locale, we will bring our trucks to a nearby convenient location such as a local supermarket or mall to enable easy pick-up.  The same protocol applies for vehicle drop-offs; Royal Auto Transport will reach the closest location that are trucks are allowed to drive into and we will work with you to find an ideal meeting point for pick up.


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