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Is Royal Auto Transport, inc. Licensed & bonded?

Yes. . We are licensed by D.O.T. (department of transportation) and the FMCSA( federal motor carrier safety administration)

How do I place my order? 
We have 3 easy ways to place your order click here to get free instant quote order link.  Call 1 - 866 - 992 – 8860 or 310-880-8055 today to Royal Auto Transport, Inc. You can fax your request to our fax number: 310-362-8491


How long will it take to pickup and deliver my vehicle?
Coast-to-coast trips usually take between 10 and 14 days. Shorter trips range from 3 to 10 days, depending on   the actual distance. Some factors may delay a trip, including traffic, weather, and truck breakdowns.


How far in advance should i schedule the transport of my vehicle?
We request that you schedule your move as soon as possible to insure that your car is moved within the time frame which best meets your schedule. However, if an immediate pick up is necessary, we can arrange for your vehicle to be picked up within 24 hours.


Will you pick up and deliver my vehicle door-to-door?
We do offer door-to-door auto transport service. However, there are instances that we cannot deliver directly to your door due to the size of our auto carriers. The size of your street may prohibit direct delivery to your door. Also, some towns and cities do not allow trucks on their streets. If we cannot get to your door, we will deliver your vehicle to the next most convenient, accessible location such as the nearest major crossing street, a shopping mall or supermarket.

How do i check on the status of my order?
Call our dispatcher at the toll free number we provide to you once your order is processed. We will track your order and give you an update as soon as possible.

What do i do if my vehicle gets damaged?
Our car transport and auto shipping transporters strive to do the best job possible; however, sometimes damage does occur. If damage is found on your vehicle, notify Royal Auto Transport, Inc. As soon as it is noticed, we will help in every effort to solve this issue.


Will my vehicle be driven?
The auto shipping driver will drive your car on and off the car transport, and may have to unload and re-load your car occasionally during transport to optimize space on the trailer. This unloading / reloading is kept to a minimum. Your car should not be driven otherwise, and odometer readings should be noted at pickup and delivery. Discrepancies should be noted on the delivery receipt and signed off by the driver.


Will my vehicle stay on one truck?
Your vehicle will stay on one truck with the same driver for the duration of the trip unless something unforeseen happens to the original truck or driver (i.e. - a mechanical break down or illness).


Can I put items in the car?
Royal Auto Transport, Inc. does not authorize personal belongings in the vehicle. Please understand that the items that you put in your vehicle will not be available to you until the vehicle is delivered. Please do not put items such as medicine, presents, or any other item that is needed by a specific time. If the truck is delayed, the items will not be available to you until the vehicle is delivered. No more than 100 pounds of soft goods such as pillows or blankets. Not only are auto shipping and car transport companies not insured for household goods, it is against the law for them to transport anything except your vehicle. The auto shipping and car transport truck is subject to inspection by the dot and the police at every state line and can be fined up to $10,000 if found to be carrying household goods. The car is subject to being impounded and all fines and expenses will be passed along to the owner of the car. Under no circumstances can the car contain firearms, hazardous materials, illegal substances, or contraband .





How do I pay?
Credit card for deposit or full prepayment.

As for balance due, the auto shipping and car transport company’s carrier will accept cash, cashier check, postal money order only.


Is my car insured?
Your car is insured for the entire time it is on the truck. Clearly listed on your shipping order and bill of lading are occurrences not covered. At the time of pick-up, a condition report is filled out and signed by both the person turning the car over and the truck driver and you are given a copy. Upon delivery of your vehicle, this same report is presented. You should compare the condition of the vehicle to the report thoroughly at that time. If you feel damage has occurred to your vehicle during delivery, you must note it on the report before you sign it and the driver leaves. Any claims made after the report has been signed will not be honored.



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